Key competencies / IT

Our many years of experience have shown that the success of a warehouse outsourcing project depends to a large extent on the quality and pervasiveness of IT tie-in. This is a simple rule of thumb: the more complex and wide-ranging warehousing logistics requirements are, the more capable the links to the two leading systems (ERP / warehouse management system) have to be – preferably in both directions.

At project start-up time, we spend a great deal of time talking to our customer’s stake-holding staff in order to define future requirements and options as precisely as possible right at the outset of the project phase and to check for feasibility.

Parallel to the operative implementation phase, IT links can be set up so that all applications have been tested, if necessary remedied, and approved at both ends when the project goes live. This is your guarantee for successful implementation and premium quality from day one.

  • Experience in wide-ranging system links
  • Variable with respect to connection type and technology
  • Smaller scale, low-budget connections possible via interface converter