“Superb”. “Outstanding”.

Transhipping, scheduling, delivering – those who manage the flow of goods have to think ahead, and be disciplined and innovative. Our solutions are as individual as logistics itself. Depending on the project and the requirements profile, the technical equipment is defined and the necessary capacities and execution are planned. At the storage and transhipment point, vehicle and conveying technology mesh seamlessly. From the very beginning, everything is coordinated – a prerequisite for a flow of goods where costs and time requirements are optimised.

Our references show how we, working together with our customers in joint project teams, identify the requirements, compare possible solutions, and work out and implement the optimum method. Whether it’s investments in special vehicle and storage technology or the implementation of particular IT tools and system connections: For us, the needs and requirements of our customers are always front and centre in our considerations.

In other words: taking pleasure in high-quality solutions that secure your success for the long term.


Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

“All manner of industries rely on our system solutions for compressed air supply. For VMI and production supply we turn to the transportation and logistics service provider Frankenfeld Logistikgruppe.“

Dr. Stefan Kloepfer
, Head of Production Planning at BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

BOGE is one of the oldest compressor manufacturers in Germany and is a market leader in this field. BOGE compressors and compressed air systems are used by satisfied customers in over 120 countries worldwide. BOGE compressors are developed with reliable precision and always produced to a high standard of quality. As an innovative service provider for BOGE, we not only provide storage but also beneficial value-added services using modern vendor managed inventory (VMI) processes.



Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co. KG

“30 years of experience in the aviation industry makes us a reliable partner for our clients. Experience and reliability, that’s precisely why we esteem the cooperative and constructive collaboration with Frankenfeld in the field of production supply.“

Frank Scharpenberg
, CEO of Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co. KG

Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites (SAC) is an experienced and innovative supplier of plastic components to the aerospace industry. SAC is a subsidiary of the family-owned, midsized Stükerjürgen Group and offers solutions and services ranging from design right through to the end product (injection molding, extrusion, FDM, deep drawing, exjection). Our logistics group is integrated into SAC warehouse logistics long-term.


Westfalia-Automotive GmbH

With more than 12 million trailer hitches for cars and light commercial vehicles, Westfalia is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of trailer hitches. Development is performed in close collaboration with the automobile industry and specifically for each vehicle model.

With its production capacity of 1 million trailer hitches per year, a product range that includes some 1,700 trailer hitch types for virtually every type of vehicle, Westfalia supplies Europe’s leading automobile manufacturers. 800 staff in the company group generate a turnover of 140 m EUR p.a.

For many years, our forwarding group has been the central logistics partner to Westfalia Automotive GmbH. We ensure daily collection of production output along with complete storage and management of stocks of finished goods. Customers deliveries are effected in good time from our central logistics warehouse from express deliveries of single hitches through to complete truck loads.


Lear Corporation

“Just-in-sequence delivery in automobile production is a fairly elaborate and difficult matter. Delivering order-based products on time means a high degree of process stability and a great deal of discipline from those involved. Every day, 25 trailers are sent on their way from here in Wackersdorf to Regensburg, to our customer BMW. I think this is an outstanding service from Spedition Frankenfeld.“

Volker Mövens, Director Operations C&G Lear Corporation

The Lear plant in Wackersdorf, founded in 1995, manufactures the seat assemblies for BMW and delivers them just-in-sequence to the BMW plant in Regensburg. The Lear Corporation, headquartered in Southfield/Michigan, USA, is one of the largest independent system suppliers of interior fittings for cars in the world, with production sites in 33 countries. The product range includes all interior fitting components, such as seats, dashboards, door panels and electronic systems.



Gloria GmbH

“Fire prevention is a sensitive issue which should only be entrusted to experts such as Gloria. When it comes to transport and storage logistics, we put our trust in the extensive expertise of Frankenfeld.”

Ulrich Lohmann, 
SCM / Planning / Logistics / Operations at GLORIA GmbH

Our customer Gloria GmbH is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of fire extinguishers. Gloria offers safety and fire protection experts a tailored program of preventive fire protection equipment. The  Gloria brand name has been synonymous with excellent quality and optimum product versatility for many years.

Our company is involved in the whole finished goods logistics chain from timely production output collection, through storage of the finished stock and spare parts, and picking and packing in line with incoming orders, to distribution to the customer. Fire protection is a sensitive topic where you should only trust the experts.



Nüßing GmbH

Nüssing GmbH is a traditional, owner-managed family business with some 300 staff at 11 locations in Germany. The company, which provides a full assortment of fittings, mainly supplies window and door manufacturers and craftsmen in various industries.

Our company organises, coordinates and takes responsibility for delivery traffic from the company’s headquarters in Verl and the Dortmund, and is also involved in delivering supplies to many branches.



Thermamet Isolierglas GmbH

Our customer is part of the Saint-Gobain Deutsche Glas network of companies. At the Isolierglas-Center-Rietberg the spectrum of insulating and functional glazing is geared to match the window builder’s requirements. Besides maximum product quality, best of class delivery assurance for customers and fast response are the major focus. We are part of the logistics chain with responsibility for the fleet of vehicles. Thanks to special vehicles (with glass carriers) or vehicles with piggyback fork lifts, we ensure that customers receive their glazing in the right shape and in a variety of dimensions at the agreed time.



twp lage gmbh

Our long-standing customer is a manufacturer of premium thermally moulded plastic packaging mainly for the foodstuffs industry. The production processes cover the whole spectrum of packaging manufacturing from design, optimisation and implementation through to various printing and labelling processes. twp lage GmbH sees itself as an all-rounder with good customer proximity and a high standard of delivery.

As part of this logistics chain we manage a major part of our customer’s stock and ensure punctual and accurate forwarding handling through to deliveries to customers.



Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH

“A Spirit of Partnership’ is our corporate motto. Our logistics partners are an important factor in our success. Reliable partners, such as the transportation and logistics service provider Frankenfeld Logistikgruppe.”

Michael Geck
, Head of Accounting at ULTRAPOLYMERS Deutschland GmbH

The Ultrapolymers Group is a pan-European plastics distributor based in Lommel/Belgium. With an excellent product portfolio of leading composite products and a tight-meshed network of branches and warehouse locations, Ulrapolymers is a high-performance, reliable partner with close proximity to its customers.

Additional services such as application consultancy, collaborative development of cost-optimised application solutions and the manufacturing of customer-specific compounds Ultrapolymers gives fulfilling customer requirements top priority.

As part of the European network, we have managed the central warehouse in Germany with its wide range of products for more than 10 years. Order processing, including order handling, picking and packing, through to deliver to the customers is handled from here. In addition to this, we are responsible for controlling and handling direct national distribution to customers.



Westag & Getalit AG

As a major European manufacturer of wooden materials and composites, the company’s divisions, plywood/formwork, doors/frames and laminates/elements are a single source of customer-driven solutions. Thanks to state-of-art and flexible production and mature logistics the company is able to fulfil the customer’s wishes for cost-effective, quality products with a short lead time.

As a flexible partner the company is capable of offering both large and small series down to customised solutions. A staff of over 1200 is employed at two locations in Westphalia.

In this long-standing partnership, Frankenfeld Spedition ensures part of trouble-free customer supplies, mainly in the field of smaller consignments. On top of this, we are responsible for specialist distribution processing at European level.