Staff / Training

Training young people is an important part of our work. Our aim is to keep our trainees on when they finish training and to offer them career opportunities within the company. After completing their training, and assuming commitment on their own part, our trainees can rely on being well prepared for the challenges of the trade.

We offer traineeships in the following areas:

1. Forwarding and logistics clerk

Besides typical commercial training, we have introduced an extended and more targeted traineeship program that takes trainees through a four-year program including qualifications such as „management assistant“ (2.5 years) and bachelor of business administration (IHK) focusing on forwarding and logistics (1.5 years on top of basic training). Trainees wishing to participate in our trainee programme are required to satisfy university entry qualifications (see also:

2. IT Clerk

Because stable and highly available IT structures are the framework on which high-performance and rational logistics handling rely, we also offer traineeships in this sector. Besides acquiring skills in the basics of operative transportation handling, this traineeship mainly focuses on the administration of our own IT structure, working on IT projects and the implementation of new, IT-driven solutions. The traineeship typically takes three years and involves cooperation between the company and the local commercial college. Applicants are required to satisfy university admission standards and possess basic IT skills.

3. Warehouse logistics expert

This traineeship is all about learning the operative workflows in warehousing. Besides warehouse logistics, our company also trains candidates in the field of handling centre logistics and in the application of value-added services for our customers, e.g. repacking, labelling, set compilation, assembly etc. Again, our trainees learn to use IT-supported appliances such as scanners and pick-to-voice systems. Candidates are required to possess GCSE level education and good general knowledge.

4. Professional drivers

We have provided training for our own staff in this area for many years. The enormous requirements on professional HGV drivers necessitate in-depth training that goes well beyond the ability to handle an HGV vehicle. The focus in our companies is on extensive technical training in our workshop and on teaching skills in the fields of goods handling, and cargo securing. Candidates are required to complete this part of their training before learning to drive goods vehicles with the help of experienced experts. We insist on an anticipatory, fuel-saving and defensive style of driving. The company cooperates with the commercial college in this traineeship which typically takes three years. Candidates are required to possess GCSE level education and basic technical skills.